At AtonRâ we believe that in this difficult moment sharing and collaborating is the key to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. In this sense we created a dedicated page as our small contribution, providing free access to all material we have and are producing related to the current situation.




AtonRâ Partners provides investment services on growth-oriented themes. Invest beyond the ordinary with us.


 Innovation is our passion.
 Passion inspires ideas.
Ideas inspire our knowledge.


Since 2004, AtonRâ Partners finds its roots in fundamental equity research.

Striving for excellence and focusing entirely on our clients’ needs, we implement our research into thematic investments.

Unique investable opportunities arise when a deep understanding of the investment theme is associated to forward thinking, thoughtful analysis and an out-of-the-box approach.

Scientific research is at the core of our DNA. We supplement our internal knowledge with first-class external expertise.

Throughout years of analysis and research we have developed our intellectual capital and critical understanding of the fundamental trends driving innovation.


    requires exploration competencies: the ability to harvest ideas and expertise from a wide array of sources.




Merely possessing knowledge is not our objective. We add value by transferring our knowledge to our clients’ portfolios and through the continuous education we provide to our investors.

In-depth analysis takes place at every stage of the investment process.

AtonRâ identify and exploit technological and economic trends that are powerful enough to create tangible investment opportunities for our clients. 

We thoroughly discern the underlying drivers of value creation and risk.

Having gathered a profound understanding of market dynamics throughout the years, our portfolio's constituents are made up of companies that are transforming the industry landscape in the mid-to-long-term.

Technology advances fast. Our portfolios evolve as the world changes.

Our Research and Asset Management services are:

  • conviction driven,

  • focused on adding value to clients' portfolios,

  • easy to understand and instantly actionable,

  • actively-managed,

  • objective and independent from any bias.




At AtonRâ Partners, knowledge and expertise are at the heart of our business model and we believe passionately in the power of creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.


Curiosity is the fuel that keeps the engine of innovation running and innovation is the key to technological and scientific progress.

Technology’s influence on all of us is significant as it changes nearly every facet of our daily lives. We all need to adapt or take the risk of being left behind.

Large-scale trends used to be very long-term in nature and took a lot of time to emerge and materialize, as they needed to be widely accepted and assimilated. This is no longer true, as the rate of technological development and adoption is accelerating exponentially.


    has revolutionized the way we live, communicate, pay, travel, work, etc. What about tomorrow?

    is reshaping our socio-economic structures and facilitating our day-to-day activities.

    is simply everywhere.