AtonRâ Partners is at the core an investment research company, building strong convictions and implementing them in concentrated, growth-oriented thematic portfolios. We leverage on expected catalysts and performance triggers, lessening correlations to the financial markets.



AtonRâ Partners delivers transparent and flexible exposure to its clients with innovative investment themes.

Our offering is sharply focused on several key growth themes. As the technological revolution is playing out at full steam, there are winners and losers. AtonRâ Partners identifies special situations and takes full advantage of them by investing accordingly. Seizing them requires dedicated expertise.

We base our decisions on a broad spectrum of scientific information that helps us understand the whole ecosystem. We are in contact with research centers, universities and incubators, thus being able to identify the earliest industry trends.

We are bottom-line oriented at the core: we identify and leverage on expected catalysts and performance triggers, while always assessing the risk/reward profile and strictly monitoring adverse events for each company. At the same time, we perform a broader analysis in order to identify big industry trends.

Within each theme, portfolios are built by targeting stocks with the best potential returns, finding out which dynamics are in-line with the investment case. For each theme, AtonRâ Partners has its own set of criteria that a security must pass in order to be included in our portfolio.

AtonRâ Partners makes decisions on equity selection, weighting and rebalancing based on our in-house research and know-how.



The asset management industry struggles to add value. Correlation to benchmarks is too high which increases the probability of underperformance. Investors ultimately pay for their asset managers to destroy value.

We do not strive to outperform any benchmark, thus we are independent and unbiased. By adding value through the expression of our strong convictions, we offer our investors an opportunity to participate in the significant upside potential that we unlock through our thorough research.

As a consequence of our investment strategy, correlations of our certificates with many financial products are relatively low, allowing our clients' portfolios to be truly diversified.

Benchmarks are nevertheless used for stop-loss purposes and performance analysis.




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