The Inflection Point Is Now  

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  • As the mobile payment infrastructure and ecosystem are now in place, we enter the second phase of growth: adoption of payment solutions by consumers

  • Increasing marketing and improving ergonomics, security and value-added services (such as rewards, loyalty and couponing) should give a major boost to consumer engagement as soon as 2017

  • Mass adoption is not a question of if, but when:

    • the example of e-commerce says it all: despite initial concerns around security, now most consumers make online transactions

    • new forms of mobile payments will expand the total addressable market: in-car payments and VR shopping

  • Government incentives for a cashless society are another major catalyst: increasing number of limits on cash transactions all around the world

  • The best way to capture this secular growth in the volume of digital payments is to get exposure to payment processors, which handle all these transactions