To improve the well-being of humanity.


Innovation, by definition, is neutral. Depending on the use, it could help creating new useful goods and improving the quality of life.

That is why ethics and innovation can be complementary. 


Innovation is the development of solutions that meet new or existing needs in a unique way. An innovative environment could increase employee motivation, creativity and productivity. It is one of the key elements driving human progress.


However, nothing comes for free. Innovative and disruptive technologies lead to side effects that do not necessarily positively affect all stakeholders. That is why we try to consider ethical aspects of our investments. The aim is to invest innovation and to invest "responsibly".

Innovation must be beneficial for both society and companies. Thus, we pay attention to products developed by the companies in which we are invested, as well as the applications of these developments.


Among the most critical ethical issues we have to deal with:


  • Misuse of new biological developments (bio-threats)
  • Programming/repairing genes or creating new cells that do not exist in nature (synthetic biology)
  • Autonomous weapons (who decides the target? kill anything that moves?)
  • Autonomous driving (safer but who is responsible in the case of an accident?)
  • Human enhancement (a two-way society of those who can afford and those who can not?)
  • Vulnerability (cyber security) as everything is interconnected; and IoT will further complicate the problem.
  • Personal data generation and protection (who is the owner?)
  • Social issues - ongoing automation/ robotization put at risk not only the "unskilled" workforce (Uberize them), but also the "skilled" one.








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