AtonRâ Partners provide to its Private Clients a comprehensive portfolio advice and investment solutions that better suit everyone needs. We are a provider of original out-of-the-box solutions and investment ideas on key financial and strategic issues.

While we do rely on a prime network of banks for the deposit of your assets, we are truly independent from any of banks’ advices, solutions and products; and this enable us to choose what’s best for our customers and not what’s in the best interest of banks.

Thanks’ to our extensive experience of the financial markets and the changing landscape of the banking industry, it is our strong belief that this crisis has one positive aspect among many: Quality in services and superior products has become the key to success. With our 360º vision, AtonRâ Partners strives to devise best suited products and offer most appropriate financial solutions to match our clients’ expectations

It is also our belief that the more transparent the investment process, the more knowledgeable our customers become and the less risk they face with unwanted and unwarranted investment decisions. We tend to prefer Advisory Management over full Discretionary Management as it is in client’s best interest to know what their expected returns and risks lies. Our objective is absolute performance achievement.

Knowledge is our key competence. We provide our private customers both qualitative and quantitative assessment of each investment and our success is directly linked to the success and satisfaction of our clients, which we enable them in achieving through superior performance based on bottom-line results.

Our remuneration is highly transparent and structures to be fully aligned with client’s interests

For any inquiry about our Wealth Management service contact us directly or: wm@atonra.ch