AtonRa Partners shares its knowledge and insights with its clients, to help them achieve better results.

Our focus is on alpha generation for our customers. We aim to identify the market sectors, industry groups, financial instruments and stocks that will outperform the market within a 3-6 months time horizon.

AtonRa Partners provides its service to its clients through:

Weekly Newsletter
The "Weekly Barometer" is published weekly on Wednesdays, offering an update about how current events impact our investment themes and picks.

Investment-specific in-depth reports that present in better detail identified opportunities about either an investment theme or a specific asset. New reports are published on an ad-hoc basis on our website.

Website Archives
All publications are made available on our website and are fully searchable, enabling clients to review our historical accuracy or build a case for particular investment opportunity.

Direct Access
Client inquiries are always encouraged by our analytic team. Clients may engage us directly for more tailored information -- e.g. group presentations, conference calls or client visits.