AtonRa Partners follows a theme-based financial approach.

Our focus is primarily on the EU and US equity markets.

We also closely monitor emerging markets.

Our analysis process works as follows:

  • We focus on identifying the sectors or groups of stocks or any financial asset that are most likely to outperform the market. We believe that investment ideas based on a correct evaluation of  long-term structural trends provide the best returns over time. Once we have gained a deep understanding of the long-term structural trends and assessed investment themes, we search for the best stories that should be included in an investment portfolio.

  • Investment ideas or themes are thoroughly researched, including growth & valuation analysis. The whole team is involved into a full research process for every recommendation. We rely on a prime network of external consultants that have outstanding industry backgrounds, and the capacity to provide specific support in fulfilling the need of our clients. We can also rely on a group of dedicated lawyers in case of any needed structure for our professional and private clients

  • Stocks and any financial instruments are selected on a "bottom-up" approach, whereby we look at company fundamentals and focus on catalysts which may influence the market price. We make a recommendation on a theme or a stock only when clear catalysts have been identified and appropriate due-diligence performed.

  • We carry out a risk/reward profiling and strict monitoring of adverse events, providing an ongoing update on our most recent findings.

  • We tend to make few recommendations and stick to them for as long as the thesis proves right. Technical analysis is used to time the best possible entry and exit points.