AtonRa Partners, founded in July 2004, aims at providing an innovative and valuable approach to investment research and advisory.

We are independent in form and substance.

We cherish a "speak our mind" approach in our reports.


Our clients are given specific investment ideas or themes, thoroughly esearched, and presented in an easy to understand and actionable form.

Loyal to its motto "Knowledgeable, Independent, Focused", AtonRa Partners strives to provide institutional and professional investors with original and "out-of-the-box" investment advice and ideas.

Our research work is:

  • Impartial and independent from any bias
  • Focused on adding value to client's portfolios
  • Based on a deep knowledge and understanding of market dynamics
  • Thoroughly checked through proprietary information and data sources
  • Easy to understand and implement

Our skilful team of professionals has :

  • Extensive market experience
  • Access to a prime network of industry experts
  • A proven track record

Our advice strives to be bottom line-oriented, as we focus on expected catalysts and performance triggers, while maintaining a strict risk/reward profiling and adverse event monitoring.

Our process assesses each investment proposition on a qualitative and quantitative basis. Details are carefully scrutinized as they often may make all the difference between a good and a poor investment decision.

We have access to a resourceful network made of a large pool of consultants and experts across different sectors and industries.
Adhering to the "unbundling" principle, AtonRa allows its clients to choose their favourite way to remunerate its services, including direct invoicing, soft commission and commission sharing agreements.